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Acoustic wave shock therapy

Acoustic wave shock therapy is an effective method of cellulite treatment. An innovative and, above all, effective method, based on the impact of sound waves on parts of the body with cellulite and fat tissue. Its aim is to stimulate the tissue and to increase the permeability of the cell membrane and to release free fatty acids and glycerol from the inside of the cells.

Price list

Treatment for one part of the body
Belly / Front thigh / Back thigh / Buttocks
250,00-350,00 zł

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How it works

Treatment areas

The device allows you to perform fully safe treatments on a specific part of the body, without the risk of complications, ensuring the achievement of the maximum effects visible immediately after the procedure.

Smoothing and rejuvenating the skin,

Adipose tissue breaks down,

The circumference of the treated parts of the body is reduced,

Tension of the connective tissue, fat cells are retained in the subcutaneous layer

Stimulates the healing process

The waves generated inside the device are gently transferred to cellulite- affected parts of the body. Acoustic waves have been used in medicine since the 1980s to break kidney stones, whereas since the 1990s they have been used to treat tendon and muscle diseases. Modern treatments aimed at combating cellulite involve the emission of acoustic waves to areas of the body with cellulite. When introduced into the body acoustic waves spread to large areas, bringing excellent treatment effects.

What is the Cellactor SC1

Shockwave from Storz Medical

It is a device of the Swiss company Storz Medical, a recognized manufacturer of many reputable systems based on acoustic waves (differently sound, impact). The strength of the shock wave eliminates cellulite, including third and fourth grade fibrotic cellulitis and reduces topical obesity. The device allows you to perform fully safe treatments on a specific part of the body without the risk of complications, ensuring the achievement of maximum effects visible immediately after the procedure.

Shock Wave

The course of the procedure

• We start by consulting the patient and selecting the area of therapy.
• We apply a gel so that the conduction of acoustic waves is better.
• We recommend a series of 10 massages performed every 3 – 4 days for optimal results.
• The effects are visible even 2 – 3 months after the last treatment.
• The treatment is painless and does not require convalescence.

Spectacular effects

The best treatment results when removing cellulite, brings a combination of Endermology and Storz shock wave treatments

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Important information


including third and fourth degree,
flaccid skin (abdomen, thighs, buttocks area), topical obesity,
skin irregularities after liposuction,
lower limb edema.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding period,
blood clotting disorders (haemophilia),
children during their maturity period (under 18 years of age with the consent of their parents or according to the doctor’s instructions),
cortisone treatment (6 weeks before the date of the first treatment),
anticoagulant intake.


Eliminating cellulite,
improvement of skin elasticity,
firmness and tension,
breakdown of body fat,
reduction of the body’s circumference in the treated areas,
reduction of stretch marks,
elimination of edema.