fight against adipose tissue and cellulite

ONDA is an innovative device that uses the latest advances in global technology to fight fat and cellulite using Coolwaves™ microwaves. They reach fat tissue selectively and in a non-invasive way, leading to its reduction and immediate firming of the skin. Treatments performed with ONDA are completely safe and painless, and the effects are noticeable already after the first treatment, so Onda is now considered to be the most effective device to fight cellulite.

Beautiful and fresh skin without cellulite

Smoothing and tightening effect of the skin

Local fat loss

price list

Onda shoulders
30 min / 1000,00 zł

Onda sides
45 min / 1200,00 zł

Onda stomach
45 min / 1200,00 zł

Onda buttocks
45 min / 1200,00 zł

Onda knee
45 min / 1000,00 zł

Onda thighs front / back
30 min / 1200,00 zł

Precision of Coolwaves™

Cellulite is a problem that women have been fighting for years – why women? Because it is the effect of a different structure of fat tissue than in men and the influence of estrogens – hormones that even favour the formation of “orange peel”. The solution to this problem have become Onda treatments, because it is not known from now on that electromagnetic waves are successfully used in aesthetic medicine. DEKA has gone one step further and developed a unique microwave technology that removes cellulite and adipose tissue while also tightening sagging skin.


Coolwaves™ act deeply and precisely on the membranes of fat cells, leading to their breakdown and subsequent removal from the body through natural metabolic processes. Microwaves emitted by ONDA technology cause collagen fibers to shrink and stimulate the production of new collagen, leading to firmness and rejuvenation of the skin.

Cooling system

Minimizing pain

Advanced safety system

Completely non-invasive and natural treatment

No interference with surrounding tissues


Coolwaves™ , thanks to the use of special heads ideally work on both shallow and deep “orange peel”; so the results are visible after the first treatment.

Effects visible already after the first treatment session

Constantly persisting results of the treatment

Significant reduction in body fat

Reduction of belly bacon and adipose tissue on the abdomen

Strong and visible firmness of the skin

Clear slimming of the silhouette


Before the first treatment, the cosmetologist will get acquainted with the problem and present possible therapies. Details of the procedure will be determined and the thickness of the body fat will be assessed, which will allow for perfect adjustment of the parameters of the Onda device.



localized adipose tissue
fatty belly and sides
flaccid skin
belly after pregnancy and slimming,
collagen level decrease,
loss of skin firmness


heart diseases
neurological diseases
infections and skin inflammation
pregnancy and lactation period
disorders of the circulatory system

Frequently Asked Questions


During the first visit, the cosmetologist should be informed about all diseases and medications taken. The patient is thoroughly informed about the procedure both before and after the treatment.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is completely painless, the patient only feels the warmth in the place where the treatment is performed.


The treatment consists in applying the head of the Onda device to selected parts of the body previously lubricated with a special preparation. Microwave emission begins the destruction of fat cells and initiates collagen production and skin regeneration.


Depending on the treatment area and the severity of the problem, one or several treatment sessions can be performed.

When do the effects appear?

Usually, the visible improvement in skin condition and reduction of body fat occurs after the first session, and the final results come after 1-3 months.


Yes, you can. Contact our Spa salon to cancel or change the date of your visit.

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