Mesotherapy treatments

Mesotherapy means improving the quality and appearance of our skin. This is a very effective and safe method, which aims to revitalize and rejuvenate our skin. Your skin will regain a healthy and youthful appearance.

Choose the type of mesotherapy

Needle-free Mesotherapy

Microneedle mesotherapy



Needle free mesotherapy allows active substances to enter the skin to the depth necessary for a given procedure. It is a modern, non-invasive and effective aesthetic solution used in the fight against various skin imperfections. Needle free mesotherapy facilitates the penetration of cosmetics into the dermis by opening the canals thanks to the use of electrical impulses. It gives excellent results when rejuvenating the skin, reducing wrinkles, cellulite and fat tissue. It also improves skin tone. It is an excellent alternative to the traditional needle mesotherapy procedure

The specifications

What makes needle-free mesotherapy stand out?

During the treatment, skin continuity is not interrupted, and there is no risk of irritation, muscle twitching or inflammation. It is a completely non-invasive method and does not require the use of conductive gel. The transported substances may be in ionized, non-ionized and lipid-form each of any molecular size.


What skin problems can be treated by using needle free mesotherapy?

This technology is used in anti-cellulite treatments that reduce stretch marks, as well as in therapies that restore skin firmness, regenerating, moisturizing and rejuvenating treatments.


What effects does the treatment provide?
Needle-free mesotherapy provides skin regeneration at the cellular level. Due to direct access of the drug to the source of the aesthetic problem, the method provides effective results in eliminating skin imperfections. Combats cellulite, eliminates flaccidity, rejuvenates and visibly improves its appearance. For the treatment to be effective, 6-10 treatments should be performed once a week.

General information

What will you feel?

The treatment is non-invasive and completely painless, it is not accompanied by a sense of discomfort. 

The process of penetration of nutrients into the skin is felt in the form of a delicate tingling sensation.


Needle free mesotherapy should not be performed for:

*pregnant women
*persons with a pacemaker
*persons suffering from epilepsy
*persons with acne-prone problems

Price list

Face 60 min / 450,00 zł Face / Neck / Neckline 90 min / 450,00-550,00 zł * cocktail for the treatment selected according to the needs of the skin

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Dermapen micro-needle mesotherapy is used to improve skin firmness and the oval of the face, minimise wrinkles, deeply moisturize, unify skin tone, including lightening discoloration and texture alignment. Due to the intensive regenerating effect, microneedle mesotherapy is also an effective therapy for all kinds of scars, including acne scars.

Principle of action

The natural abilities of the body

The essence of Dermapen® is the use of the body’s natural ability to self-heal and rebuild and reshape tissues. The treatment consists of the creation of several thousand special microtubules. The resulting micro-injuries take advantage of the innate ability of the skin to regenerate and physiologically induce collagen. At the same time, during the treatment, preparations with moisturizing, nutritional and tightening properties are introduced. This is because, thanks to the use of micropunctures in the skin, hundreds of microtubules form, which breaks the epidermal barrier, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. During the micropunctures the absorption increases up to 1000 times. The process is performed by a disposable head equipped with 12 sterile, thin, titanium-like microneedles. A precisely selected depth of injection (in the range from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm) allows full control of the procedure. Dermapen’s controlled precision allows to distinguish three phases of its mechanism in the process of stimulating skin cells and rebuilding its structure.


Collagen and elastin production
The first stage begins with the secretion of platelet-derived growth factors and the cascade of new epidermal cells formation, fibroblast chemotaxis, fibroblast proliferation and stimulation of the production of intercellular matrix.

skin cells

Stimulation of fibroblasts
Through the action of platelet-derived growth factors – skin cell proliferation processes cause further secretion of growth factors from fibroblasts, keratinocytes and monocytes leading to the second phase of skin rebuilding, in which collagen type III, IV and I, elastin, proteoglycans, GAG are formed and processes of angiogenesis are stimulated.


Improvement of skin density and elasticity
The last phase of the mechanism of Demapene results in rebuilding and reshaping of treated tissues. The vascularization of the skin improves and its structure is strengthened due to the presence of new collagen.


*small, shallow wrinkles *stretch marks *acne scars, postoperative and post-burn scars *limp skin *hand rejuvenation *support for hair loss therapy *stimulation of collagen and elastin production *fibroblast stimulation through the action of platelet-derived growth factors *improvement of skin density and elasticity

Price list

Eye area (RRS HA EYES)
30 minut / 300,00 zł

Eye area (DERMAHEAL)
30 minut / 500,00 zł

30 minut / 400,00 zł

Face / Neck / Neckline
90 minut / 700,00-800,00 zł

Body (selected part)
60 minut / 500,00-1 000,00 zł

Dermapen face
90 min / 450,00-880,00 zł

Dermapen + TCA
60 min / 1 200,00 zł

Dermapen + PRX T33
90 min/ 1 000,00-1 200,00 zł