The Epi Lab Laser

A specialist in painless epilation

The Epi Lab laser is the safest and most effective diode laser in the world. It is the only one equipped with a patented ABS anti-scale system guaranteeing the highest level of occupational safety. Its triple cooling system, based on the Peltier cell, cools our skin down to -5 degrees C, making the comfort of painless epilation possible at the highest possible level.

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The only laser in the world with ABS

The Epi Lab® diode laser is the world’s only laser hair removal equipment that allows patients to finally achieve their intended effects.

Laser thermoepilation (hair removal)

Laser thermovasculary (reduction of erythema)

Acne thermalization (acne treatment)

Treatment of onychomycosis

Painless epilation

The Epi Lab is a synonym of safe and painless epilation, also in the case of dark skin phototypes. High energy reaches the hair follicles coagulating them exactly in the place of their growth. Even when using energy of higher density thanks to the patented Smooth Pulse mode, the device always works gently, eliminating any risk of pain or burns for the patient.


The ability to perform treatments throughout the year
The laser light, acting on the principle of selective phototermolysis, penetrates through the surface layers of the skin, and the melanin found in the hair follicles absorbs its energy. In addition, the wavelength 950 nm allows us to coagulate the microvessels present at the follicle giving a better effect with bright, gray or thin bristles. The thermal energy created as a result of these two absorption causes permanent damage to the surroundings of the hair follicles responsible for their growth.

Price list

Upper lip: 30 min / 300,00 zł

Chin: 300,00 zł

Neck: 400,00 zł

Armpits: 350,00 zł

Shoulders: 400,00 zł

Hands: 600,00-800,00 zł

Chest: 500,00-1 000,00 zł

Back: 500,00-1 000,00 zł

Bikini: 300,00-450,00 zł

Brazilian bikini: 500,00 zł

Thighs: 550,00-700,00 zł

Calves: 450,00-600,00 zł

Whole legs: 900,00-1 000,00 zł

Photorejuvenation of the skin

Cosmetologists and doctors of aesthetic medicine more and more often meet the interest of the Patients with non-invasive and permanent treatments restoring the bright and youthful appearance of the skin. Laser Epi Laboratorium is a response to your needs.

Photorejuvenation of the skin

It restores the skin’s youthful appearance

There is no better solution than The Epi Lab! The size of the treatment spot as well as the two wavelengths in one head guarantee completely effective treatment of all skin phototypes. Just after the treatment lasting only 15 minutes, the skin is visibly tense, bright and slightly pink. Immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to her daily activities. A significant improvement occurs already after 3 treatments with an interval of 3-4 weeks.

Price list

Face: 1 000,00 zł

Neck: 500,00 zł

Neckline: 600,00 zł

Hands: 400,00 zł

Healthy skin

Skin blemishes and imperfections are often the cause of psychological and psychosomatic discomfort, and in the case of reverse acne, acne inversa can be a serious medical problem, indicating cancer changes.

Removing acne lesions

Cleansing skin

Skin blemishes and imperfections are often the cause of psychological and psychosomatic discomfort, and the case of acne inversa can be a serious medical problem, indicating cancer. The Epi Lab Laser is an essential aid in removing this type of skin lesions during a short treatment therapy (about 1.5 months to fully cure acne lesions)


Face: 300,00 zł

Back: 400,00 zł

Treatment of onychomycosis

Onychomycosis is a common condition, especially for women often attending the swimming pool, walking in tight stiletto heels or using hybrid varnishes in the long term.

Treatment of onychomycosis

Recovering the healthy appearance of nails

It is best to start treatment of onychomycosis at an early stage. The Epi Lab Laser will help you by effectively eliminating the embarrassing problem by heating the tissue to 60 degrees Celsius.

Price list

Nail: 250,00 zł

Do you have any questions?

Is EPI LAB Laser Epilation Safe?

The laser The Epi Lab is currently the safest laser in the world. Several factors affect it. First of all, the ABS system is a system that guarantees work safety and no patient burns. Secondly, a reinforced triple cooling system that cools the treatment area down to -5 ° C during the procedure. The third element is the patented system of delivering a beam to the patient’s skin. The effectiveness of the device has been confirmed by clinical tests, including at the University of Jena (Germany) and at the Asclepion Laser Technologies Research Center. In addition, the device has a medical certificate 93/42 / EEC Annex II valid until 02.12.2020, which guarantees safe and effective work.

Is the treatment painful?

Laser The Epi Lab is a synonym of not only safe but painless epilation. This is guaranteed by the three factors already discussed: – reinforced triple cooling system, which thanks to a special, separated freezing probe cools the skin down to -5 ° C; – focusing on TAPER; – two wavelengths.

How long will it take?

Treatments are short, everything depends on the treatment area, also the preparation for the procedure should be considered. The treatment can last from 5 to a maximum of 60 minutes. For example: the mustache should take 5 minutes, the armpits 10 minutes, the bikini 20 minutes, the legs 60 minutes, the male back 30 minutes.

How many treatments do I need?

Due to the lack of control over the hair growth phases, it is assumed that for permanent hair removal between 6 and 8 treatments are needed, with a light and deeply embedded bristle can be up to 10. The number of treatments is not dependent on the type of device – diode laser, but from the growth phase of the hair .. Due to the hormonal processes that can affect hair, after the end of the epilation series it is recommended to perform once a year after one treatment – if necessary. In the case of women suffering from “hirsutism” excessive male hormone (androgen), usually hair will grow back after the series, but it is a very individual predisposition of the person. Depending on the needs, the treatment will have to be repeated.

How often do you repeat?

Second, sometimes the third treatment is repeated after 4 weeks. The next one comes for 6-8, sometimes even 10-12 weeks, depending on the rate of hair growth.

Can you perform the treatment in the summer?

Yes, The Epi Lab laser treatments can be performed during the summer, also during insolation and throughout the year.

Can I cancel my visit?

Yes you can. Contact our Spa salon to cancel your appointment or change its date.