Endermologie Alliance

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Endermologie Alliance

30 years of research and experience has allowed LPG to create a truly revolutionary Alliance Endermologie method: the only non-invasive, mechanical stimulation that the stimulates cellular metabolism in a natural way. This revolutionary technology has combined three aspects important for obtaining the best treatment effects:

reduction of body fat,

smoothing cellulite and firming the skin,

any number of repetitions allowed.


Endermology body
60 min / 300,00 zł

Endermology face
30 min / 200,00 zł

Endermology leg drainage
30 min / 150,00-200,00 zł

Endermology suit
120,00 zł

About Endermologie Alliance

Discover the new dimension of Endermologie® Alliance for effective rejuvenation and slimming. Stimulating the activity of dormant cells in the deep layers of the skin to eliminate any unsightly signs of the passage of time. The mechanical stimulation of cells with Endermologie® allows stimulation of their activation process naturally and without pain.


Roll and amortised flip


Monitoring tablet progress of treatments


Innovative sensor for skin identification


Feel good in your body, feel good with yourself

There are many devices of this type on the market, but they are not in others, Endermologie® Alliance offers a 100% natural alternative in which you can find information on how to destroy them. skin). Mechanical stimulation of cells, or the nauticality of the process of their activation naturally and without pain.

Discover the new dimension of Endermologie

Effective rejuvenation and slimming

LPG’s Endermologie® Alliance is a state-of-the-art device equipped with a tablet that allows you to fully control the therapeutic process by taking photos of treatment areas, carrying out diagnosis and setting the treatment mode of patients. It also has a built-in Skin Identification Sensor (ASI) that adapts to the tissue quality and level of sensitivity during treatment. This guarantees a high standard of safety of the procedure.

Endermologie Body Treatment

At the same time affecting the excess body fat and the condition of the skin (firmness, orange peel effect), the new patent (roll and mechanical flap co-creating sequential suction) allows the use of technology directly affecting the body:

adipocytes (fat cells) found in subcutaneous tissue (slimming cells)

fibroblasts found in the dermis (youth cells),

a comprehensive treatment that put an end to the age-old dilemma: weight loss or firmness?




Visible effects after only 3 treatments

The new Endermologie® Alliance patent allows intensive and rapid stimulation of tissues while maintaining exceptional comfort of the treatments.

Reduces topical and resistant fat tissue

Smoothes out cellulite

Firms the skin by stimulating the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

Endermologie Facial Treatment

The new Endermologie® Alliance patent is real fitness for your skin. It stimulates the reconstruction and production of rejuvenating skin components in a natural way:

collagen for firm skin,

elastin for elasticity,