Treatments for men

The Clarins Beauty Spa offer is addressed not only to women, but also to men.

We offer a comprehensive range of treatments specially selected and tailored to the needs of each man’s skin: relaxing Clarins massage and care rituals, cleansing and anti-aging treatments for the face, modeling and slimming treatments for the body, as well as – increasingly popular – laser hair removal.

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Clarins treatments

Skin cleansing

Lifting and regenerating

Body shaping

Laser hair removal

Clarins treatments

After creating the ClarinsMen line for men containing specific formulas tailored to men’s skin, Clarins developed treatments for men that suit her needs. We present a range of tailor-made spa treatments for men only.

Strengthening the skin

Fights fatigue and lack of firmness

A complete treatment for men’s skin that protects against harmful external factors and after shave irritation. It cleanses the skin, moisturizes, removes wrinkles and dark shadows and energizes the skin. The ending massage of the head, neck and neck guarantees excellent well-being. You look completely relaxed and relaxed and full of energy.

60 min / 280,00 zł

* Facial treatment

Energizing body peeling

A treatment for active men

A perfect treatment for refreshing, moisturizing and cleansing the skin. Perfect after physical activity. You value sport – this treatment is perfect for you.

60 min / 200,00 zł

** Body treatment

Vital Forces

The treatment is a combination of two treatments.

Combination of “Strengthening the skin” facial treatment with additional relaxing and relaxing back massage. A comprehensive treatment for men’s skin exposed to harmful external factors and after shave irritation. It cleanses, moisturizes, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration and stimulates the skin. After the procedure, we massage the scalp, neck, shoulders and the whole back. The massage brings an immediate feeling of relaxation, making you feel rested and regenerated.

90 min / 380,00 zł

Skin cleansing


Medical peels effectively reduce imperfections in the form of scars, acne and cleanse the skin of the face. During a free consultation, the cosmetologist will choose the type of treatment that is right for you.

Dermaquest Peeling Hibiscus Flower Mandelic
60 min / 350,00 zł

Dermaquest Therapeutic Pumpkin Treatment
60 min / 350,00 zł

Dermaquest Vitamin C Peeling
60 min / 300,00 zł

DNA Recovery Peel face / neck:
30-45 min / 300,00 zł

DNA Recovery Peel add part:
100,00 zł

Ferulac Peel
60 min / 350,00 zł

Nomelan Cafeico
60 min / 400,00 zł

Acid PRX-T33
450,00 zł


It is an innovative and extremely effective method of cleansing the skin. Hydrafacial® acts as a “water vacuum cleaner” for all skin impurities, pores and blackheads.

Hydrafacial face
45 min / 400,00 zł

Hydrafacial face with acid peeling
60 min / 500,00 zł


refreshing and rejuvenating the skin

express hydration

painlessness and comfort of the procedure

non-invasive and no recovery period

recommended for people with acne skin


Instant care for men 3in1

Geneo oxygenates, rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. The results are visible immediately. The treatment will be perfect especially for an important event. However, it is worth remembering that when we want to effectively rebuild the skin structure and improve its condition for a long time, it is worth doing a series of treatments.

Geneo face
45 min / 350,00 zł

Lifting and regeneration

Alma Spadeep

The falling face oval, furrows, double chin, sagging cheeks are signs of aging that you can fight with the latest technologies. Alma Spadeep uses a high frequency radio wave to firm, lift and improve skin density, making your skin look younger and healthier!

Dermapen microneedle mesotherapy

At Clarins Beauty Spa we use the latest version of the device: Dermapen4

The technology is based on the automatic micro-puncturing of the skin with microneedles. Thanks to this system, the active substances are delivered deeper to the epidermis and dermis.
The microneedle mesotherapy treatment stimulates the body’s natural self-regeneration capabilities and the skin’s innate ability to produce collagen.

Dermapen4 face
75 min / 800,00 zł


post-traumatic and acne scars


bruising around the eyes




enlarged pores

gray and tired complexion


Bloomea is a facial treatment that provides immediate effect. In a short time, we are able to get rid of wrinkles, firm or rejuvenate the skin.

60 min / 450,00 zł

What benefits can you achieve thanks to Bloomea treatments?

reduction of wrinkles and expression lines

deep hydration, oxygenation and smoothing of the skin

skin thickening, increased tension, lifting effect and improved facial contours

reduction of discoloration of various origins

reduction of acne scars, stretch marks and furrows

Body shaping

At Clarins Beauty Spa, men can take advantage of body cosmetology treatments. These include, among others, treatments for adipose tissue, firming or tightening the skin.


Localized fat reduction

Do you care about firming the skin and reducing body circumferences? The Onda device is a revolution in the fight against resistant fat tissue!

Onda arms
30 min / 1300,00 zł

Onda sides
45 min / 1500,00 zł

Onda belly
45 min / 1500,00 zł

Onda buttocks
45 min / 1500,00 zł

Alma Spadeep

Non-invasive modeling, firming and rejuvenation.

By using the innovative Alma Spadeep radio technology, it is possible to simultaneously reduce body fat and skin firming with a single device.


reduction of resistant fat

reduction of the perimeter of the treatment site

stimulation of fibroblasts to rebuild and produce collagen

thickened, elastic skin


Weight loss support, regeneration, elimination of toxins

Endermologie treatments are directed not only for women, but also for men.
This quite pleasant and relaxing treatment will help you slim figure and get rid of excess fat. Performed procedures bring quick results.
The effects in men are visible after just 3 treatments! Vacuum massage stimulates blood circulation, which removes excess water and toxins, giving the skin oxygenation and nutrition. Endermology LPG Alliance reliably relaxes tense muscles and reduces stress.
At Clarins Beauty Spa you can buy a black outfit for men.

Endermologie LPG body
60 min / 300,00 zł

Endermologia LPG face
30 min / 200,00 zł

Advantages of the treatment:

reduces localized fatness in body parts resistant to diet and exercise

supports slimming

relaxes tense muscles

prepares for intense exercise

supports muscle regeneration and reduces soreness

stimulates circulation


Laser epilation

Men’s laser hair removal is becoming more and more popular. It is most often chosen by men struggling with the problem of excessive hair and athletes, for whom smooth skin is very important.

Mediostar Monolith

At Clarins Beauty Spa you can perform laser hair removal treatments with the latest Mediostar Monolith device, which is practically painless, effective and very fast! The additional larger head is perfect for larger treatment areas, such as the back or chest.

Mediostar Monolith


Sideburns epilation
200,00 zł

Neck epilation
400,00 zł

Arms epilation
45 min / 400,00 zł

Chest epilation
60 min / 500,00-1 000,00 zł

Back epilation
60 min / 500,00-1 000,00 zł

Armpits epilation
350,00 zł