Treatments for mothers

The “Care for mothers-to-be” treatments were created on the basis of specially adapted techniques and the best products and professional advice. With the support of the Clarins brand, each fresh and future mother can carelessly enjoy the charms of motherhood.

Clarins offers the mothers-to-be comfortable treatments that will bring joy to motherhood.

We will take care of You

Clarins as a pioneer in the care for young mothers and pregnant women and the author of the book Pregnancy – The Most Beautiful Days of Your Life, developed a program with future specialists devoted to mothers-to-be who want to feel beautiful during this important period in their lives. Clarins offers specific treatments with specially selected techniques, high-performance products and advice.


Relaxing treatment – care for mothers-to-be

For the perfect preparation of the skin of the body before the birth of your child. Relaxing treatment eliminating tension, relieving the feet and restoring skin elasticity for protection against stretch marks.

60-90 min / 380,00-470,00 zł