Treatments for men

After creating a ClarinsMen line for men with specific formulas adapted to thier skin, Clarins developed treatments for men that fit their needs.

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Strengthening of the skin

Energizing Body Peeling

Vital Forces

Regeneration for men

A range of spa treatments specially prepared for men

Strengthening of the skin

Fights the tiredness and lack of firmness

A complete treatment for men’s skin that protects against harmful external factors and irritations after shaving. Cleans the skin, moisturizes, removes wrinkles and dark shadows and energizes the skin. The ending treatment of the head, neck and neck guarantees a great mood. You look completely relaxed and relaxed and full of energy.

60 min / 280,00 zł

* Facial treatment

Energizing Body Peeling

A treatment for the Active

An excellent treatment for refreshing, moisturizing and cleansing the skin. Perfect after sports activity.

60 min / 180,00 zł

** Body treatment

Vital Forces

The treatment is a combination of two treatments

The treatment is a combination of the “Strengthening of the skin” facial treatment together with an additional relaxing and softening back massage. A comprehensive treatment for men’s skin exposed to the harmful effects of external factors and irritations after shaving. Cleans, moisturizes, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration and stimulates the skin. After the treatment, we massage the scalp, neck, shoulders and entire back. The massage brings an immediate sense of relaxation, making you feel refreshed and regenerated.

90 min / 380,00 zł

Restoration of balance

Massages based on six fundamental types of touch to loosen the body and restore energy. Massage can be more or less deep depending on muscle tone. Trust our experts.