Henna and regulation

Henna is one of the very popular agents used in cosmetology, and it is known there from today. The beginnings of its application date back to antiquity. Henna is used to make the face look more attractive by highlighting its features. Interestingly, henna improves the quality of hair, in this case eyebrows, because it provides a protective layer strengthening and improving their appearance.

Nature for you

Henna does not damage hair, so there is no danger of damage and it will not hurt even long-term use. It should be remembered, however, that depending on the initial hair color, you need to wait longer to achieve the desired color. Henna is also used to darken eyelashes and eyebrows.

Price list

60,00 zł

60,00 zł

Brow and Lash
120,00 zł

Brow Shape + Henna
100,00 zł

Brow & Lash Henna + Brow Shape
130,00 zł

Brow Shape
75,00 zł

Brow wax
75,00 zł